5 Social Media Pages For Aspiring Sports Photographers To Follow

Being a creative, I find that I am constantly craving new material to inspire and challenge me to be better sports photographer. Like many others, I find inspiration through, photographs, videos, books and daily conversations. While there are many great social media pages to follow out there, I have 5 for aspiring sports photographers follow right now!

  1. Sony | Alpha Universe (YouTube / Instagram / Twitter)

While I might be slightly biased in favor of the Sony brand because I have been using them since I started my journey in photography over a decade ago, this page shares a lot of great videos on gear, tips, new announcements, and videos like the one below. #BeAlpha #SonyAlpha.

2. GoPro (YouTube / Instagram / Twitter)

While GoPro is typically known for video work, this small device can fit in your pocket and can take pictures as well! One of the reasons I absolutely love following their social media pages is because of all the content the share. While they primarily share videos, it’s those very videos that inspire me to get more creative with the work I do as well as the shots I might take during the next sporting event I cover.

3. Billie Weiss (YouTube / Instagram / Twitter)

Billie Weiss is the Senior Manager of Photography for the Boston Red Sox as well as a freelance commercial, portraiture, and editorial photographer. But wait, there’s more! He is also a video producer. Long story short, he knows his stuff and has a great resume to back it up. While Billie’s Instagram and Twitter are loaded with great pictures, I strongly recommend checking out his YouTube channel for tricks, tips, and more!

4. Sports Illustrated (YouTube / Instagram / Twitter)

Anyone and everyone has heard of Sports Illustrated. If you grew up loving sports like me, you probably collected every SI magazine you could get your hands on, ripped out the covers or other sports photos you loved and hung them on your wall. If you’re looking to get into sports photography, then I recommend following their social media pages and get inspired to have your photo on the cover one day!

5. GettySport / GettyImages (YouTube / Instagram / Twitter)

What I love about GettySport is the amount of new photographers I get exposed to which then leads me down a rabbit hole of following many new photographers which helps inspire me. While the GettyImages YouTube channel has a lot of great videos, I do prefer their GettySport Instagram and Twitter accounts more.

As previously mentioned, there are so many great social media accounts to follow but if you don’t know where to start looking, I hope these 5 recommendations are a good start. If you’re interested in learning more or looking for more inspiration feel free to follow my accounts as well and hopefully we can inspire each other!

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